[Name]: Name of your friend

[Relationship level]: Choose A-E that represent your relation with your friend

A – Very Close / BFF

B – Always in contact

C – Only meet during special occasion

D – Acquaintance

E – Not close / Stranger


[Sales] : Sales, Service line (selling)

[Training]: Trainer, Teacher (coaching)

[Ent]: Entrepreneur mindset(him/herself or family)

[Attitude]: Attitude possitive

[Money]: Money needs ($)

[Result]: It will auto calculate the mark, the higher mark the higher priority for this prospect



[Family]: Family

[Occupation]: Opportunity or career

[Recreation/Hobby]: Recreation or travel plan

[Money]: Money or financial situation

[Health]: Health

[Dreams]: Dream or ambition

[Remark]: Additional information


You can get the copy from my google drive below


Download the template here

Name List template <- Right Click and select Save As


If prefer google sheet, please email me your gmail’s email so that I can share it to you