Bo Wei (柏維) share on how to do a quick and simple “show plan” and talk to our friends about this business effectively.

YK – 肠道排毒 (Record by Brian)

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YK – ISOTONIX (Record by Car car)

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William (HK) – KL eco Coring – ABC and follow up (Cantonese) (Record by Brian)

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2016年6月5日 袁瑞莉產品課 1 (box apps)

2016年6月5日 袁瑞莉產品課 2 (box apps)

JR B5 part 1-
1.why do u need Be a Ufo
2.why Form 1000 n UFMS
3.what’s B5?why do 1-5 together?
4.What’s in the $164.49 subscription kit n why are those things n how to use it?
5.where is the right attitude n knowledge come from?
6.what is the key to success in Unfranchise biz?
7.whats is takes for this biz?

JR b5 part 2- important is Audio?
2.y ticket?
3.How n when to sell the tickets?
4.whats,why n how to do two mins commercial
5.What’s Unfranchise biz
6.visualize the success-3BDC

JR b5 part 3-
1.How to put Quality time into Unfranchise biz? What u need to do for 8-15 hrs per week?
2.Who are the ppl we are working with?
3.How to multiply our time to growth our biz
4.whats Unfranchise Team work?
5.what do u need to do per day?

JR b5 part 4-
1.How to achieve our goal?
2.what is dream board n why n how to do it? to Action Plan?
4. Why we do Retailing?
5.why $550 give $771 products?
What those product for?
6.why transfer buying?if don’t do transfer buying still counts as UFO? retailing help to build organization? to make ur biz 0 cost thru “retelling”
9.what is one to one marketing

JR b5 part 5- the Preferred Customer system work? to create preferred customer n repeat customer? to add on sales n prospecting
4. If nobody to interested or evaluate Unfranchise biz,how? to prospecting n recruiting?
6.if u r not making enough $, no ppl go convention, leg imbalance, didn’t reach ur goal.what to do?
7.whats n how to do possibility name list-screening process

JR b5 part 6-
1.from possible list create prospect top 10 list.
2.who are not quality the top 10.
3.recruit-up,welcome coachable ppl to do recruiting? to handle objection?
6. What questions u need to ask after UBP/HBP/ABC/show plan to lead “go now”

JR B5 part 7-
1.How to sponsoring?
2.ask “what they like most”aft Ubp/HBP/show plan then do the Trial round or book follow up meeting
3.whats n how to do duplication. to help ur junior partner develop biz?
5.why Free has no value?
6.why do we need to book follow up meeting in each appt?
7.why do u need schedule book n how to do?
8.whats ur attitude towards prospecting to u n ur prospects!
9. R u a right person?

JR B5 part 8-
1.What’s the 10 Common mistake!!!how to avoid?
2.thru meeting aft meeting,follow up to let ppl know how this plan workable for them.
3.How to leverage.
4.What’s Short cut for hopeless biz-Duplication. to do for A level,B level n C level,ABC patten